The You-Cut grove from the air (photo by Tom Utterbach)

The You-Cut grove from the air (photo by Tom Utterbach)


In 1953, al and mimi pieropan bought the farm and started planting trees…

Nearly 55 years later, Cecilia and I began took over the tree farm from Al, ensuring the decades old tradition for so many families and the Pieropan legacy of acres of stumps live on.

Part of what makes this farm unique is the way we grow our trees by coppicing them, cutting them high at first to leave a stump that remains alive and becomes the source of all future trees. This means that when you cut a tree from us you aren’t killing a tree, but harvesting a portion, and the stump will live on to produce again and again with the right management.

Our trees are halfway between wild, completely untamed trees and sheared conventional ones. They are lightly pruned each year, but their shape is more reminiscent of a natural tree, while going to harvest your own is definitely an adventure in a forest rather than a walk down an open field.

95% of what we have to offer is balsam fir, with a few spruces and pines. We also have wreaths available for purchase at the grove, and saws are available to use. Cash or check only.